Let the fun be ‘gin’ – Jin Talog – “A gin for gin lovers”

Close your eyes and cast your mind forward 4 weeks from today. Relaxing in the heart of the Cothi Valley, watching the sun set over our beautiful lake to the soundtrack of some incredible local music. A magical Welsh atmosphere deserves to be combined with a magical Welsh tipple, and that’s just what our friends at Jin Talog will be bringing along to the Big Cwtch 2019! Carmarthenshire’s only dedicated gin distillery is settling into our idyllic lakeside bar, The Box of Frogs, to bring you the best quality gin at the Big Cwtch 2019!

Our resident Big Cwtch blogger managed to catch up with the guys from Jin Talog to find out more about what they have on offer for us this year at the Big Cwtch! Read on for some exclusive sneak peeks!

You’ll be taking over The Box of Frogs, our beautiful lakeside bar at the Big Cwtch 2019, and we can’t wait to hear what you have on offer! Could you tell us a bit about what makes your gin so special?

Jin Talog is the modern Welsh gin. We set out to make a single botanical  ‘London Dry Gin ’ that outlives the tonic, tastes great, avoids gimmicks, and with no unusual and unnecessary ingredients, just the best a gin can be.  We rather like our gin and hope that you do to. 

That sounds amazing! What about the taste? What can our Cwtchers expect from exclusive Jin Talog cocktails?

Describing it is a challenge – we just don’t have the words to describe our wonderful Jin Talog! So, here goes:

 Nose – Juniper leaves of course!  A very forward nose. Fresh, breezy, outdoorsy.  

Palate – A big hit of juniper, which mellows as the complex, spicy, spruce flavours explode in the mouth.  Quite simply, a gin for gin lovers.

Finish – Juniper is the first to arrive and the last to leave (a bit like us at a party). A long, lingering finish, leaving a clean fresh palate.

Our juniper-y gin is the product of time, fun and experimentation here on our farm. We gently coax the natural oils from our organic juniper berries using our secret method to guarantee peak juniper flavour- that’s what gin is all about, after all. 

We set out to make a distinctive, high quality Welsh gin for the true gin aficionado. Our motto is, if we wouldn’t drink it, why would you?

We’re certain that there’ll be at least a few gin-lovers eager to give that juniper a try! It certainly sounds like Jin Talog offers something different – what do you think really makes you stand out?

Truly Welsh, madly exciting, deeply flavoured, Jin Talog is a new premium, organic “London Dry” gin from the depths of Carmarthenshire. Pushing the boundaries of artisan gin making and designed to outlive the tonic, Jin Talog is distilled in tiny nano batches in our former cowshed using spring water harvested right here on our own farm. Gin is our passion and we don’t make anything else- we focus simply on what we are good at – going to great lengths to make the best quality gins. 

Here at the Jin Talog distillery, we employ a painstaking process where everything is done by hand in batches of around 30 bottles. We sign and number each label by hand, reflecting the small scale of our distillery and our personal commitment to creating the highest quality gin, right here on our farm in rural Wales. 

I’m curious as to how you began this incredible journey, and I’m sure our Cwtchers will be too! What’s your story and how has that brought you to where you are today?

We live on our farm near Talog in rural Carmarthenshire. It’s a great place to live, and it’s where we make  our gin, so we called it Jin Talog, of course. So, first things first, we are Jin Talog with a “j” as that is how we spell “gin” in Welsh.

Our brand identity reflects our Welsh, rural heritage too. We are bilingual and we use Welsh and English to communicate with our local community and consumers.  Our inspiration for our label was the heritage of our farm.  Our bilingual label shows a graphic depiction of a juniper frond to emphasise the single botanical, juniper heavy nature of our gin. The Welsh text conveys the information that is written in English, but in the melodic and lyrical form of an “odl”- a traditional Welsh poem.   We use this to publicise and celebrate the Welsh language wherever Jin Talog is sold. 

We’re so excited to have such an inspiring organisation at The Big Cwtch and we’re thrilled that you decided to return this year again. What are you most looking forward to experiencing at the festival this year?

Being at the Big Cwtch is like being invited to a party held by your coolest friends- the one where you almost have to pinch yourself and ask “is this really happening?” The venue is unique and intimate; the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Add in some of the best sounds that you will find on either side of the border, throw in a surprisingly eclectic but always high quality range of street food, and there you have it- the recipe for a festival that is a hidden gem, but is developing a much deserved following.

We can’t wait to take over the Box of Frogs and add a little of that Jin Talog magic to the Big Cwtch festival. Last year we had a pop up,  and we had a great time chatting with festival goers- what a great crowd they are!

We are looking forward to watching the sun go down over the lake to the sound of a great band that we haven’t heard of (yet) but will become one of our favourites and will always take us back to that lakeside sunset whenever we hear them in the future. 

There you have it, Cwtchers. Jin Talog will be taking over the Box of Frogs lakeside on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 Aug. We can’t wait to see you all there!