Right up your Alley – Street Food Alley

At The Big Cwtch, we pride ourselves on showcasing some really incredible local talent. Listening to the best music that Wales has to offer is hungry work though, so of course we are offering you the best street food that Wales has to offer as well! Our renowned Street Food Alley is once again bursting with unique flavours and ingredients; you won’t know where to begin! To give you a bit of a taster, we caught up with a few of our street food headliners to find out what they’re most excited to share with us at The Big Cwtch this year.

We’re all about uniqueness and standing out here at the Cwtch, and you can’t get much more unique than Cardiff-based The Bearded Taco, who are returning to great acclaim with their stunningly creative dishes, all served as hand-rolled gluten-free corn tortillas. With a fusion of tastes taking inspiration from all over the world, and using local ingredients wherever possible, you really won’t want to miss these tacos!

Trading from an ex-police riot van (called Contessa!) makes you pretty hard to miss! But which one of your many outstanding dishes are you most looking forward to showcasing this year?

Our most talked-about taco so far has actually been one of our vegan dishes called “Let’s Avo Cwtch”, which is a gin and tonic tempura avocado. For the carnivores among you, one of our current favourite dishes is Korean BBQ pork taco called “Better Call Seoul”, accompanied by homemade kimchi slaw, sesame aioli, coriander, mint and sesame seeds.

“Let’s Avo Cwtch” is definitely a fitting name for The Big Cwtch! Where do you get your inspiration from and what has brought you to where you are now?

As a husband and wife team from Cardiff and California, we have a background in cooking but actually met teaching English together in South Korea. Over the next few years we travelled around, and after 7 years of eating everything in sight we decided to bring some of the amazing favours and cultures we experienced back to the UK. That’s how the Bearded Taco was born!

We are definitely glad that you decided to bring back your experiences for us to enjoy, and we’re certain the Cwtchers will be too! Anything you’re particularly looking forward to at the festival this year?

We had such a great time trading last year! Everyone was so nice and it was just such a lush atmosphere with great music and delicious food. We can’t wait to be back!

We are full to the brim with award winning street food this year, which brings us to Welsh Food Award Finalists 2018 and 2019, Pink Peppercorn! Pink Peppercorn only began their journey last year with the valiant mission of “giving people street food they can rely on”. They’ve certainly done just that, impressing not only the judges but also the crowds with their world of flavours and ingredients.

Amazing work on reaching the finals of the Welsh Food Awards once again! What are your stand out dishes for the festival this year?

Our Vegan/ Vegetarian Miso Risotto, with organic chestnut mushrooms, asparagus and pea pearl barley, tahini cream lemon salsa verde and crispy onions.  This has loads of earthy flavours and zingy freshness, and makes you do a little dance – it’s that good!

That sounds AMAZING. What do you think really makes you stand out?

Our focus is to bring Artisan Comfort Food to the scene. We source as many of our ingredients as we can from local organic farms and artisan Welsh producers in Carmarthenshire and South Wales. Our menus are based around the availability of sustainable, seasonal and super tasty ingredients. Bold modern Welsh food and historic recipes that have stood the test of time and tyranny.

We can’t wait to welcome you to your very first Cwtch. What are you most excited to experience over the weekend?

We are mega excited and can’t wait to feed all the hungry festivalgoers with some top artisan comfort food, whether to cure a hangover or fuel you through the night and day, see you all there!

Next up is for those of you who like their street food a bit on the hot side. Spicer’s Meat Wagon will be here to spice up your lives, spreading their passion for BBQ and great food.

We know you’re ready to blow our Cwtchers away this year! Can you tell us a bit more about what makes you special?

We use local Welsh produce wherever possible and are passionate about showcasing the great Welsh meats and produce available.  We are constantly looking for new and exciting flavour combinations and believe that the better the ingredients, the tastier the end result. We focus on BBQ classics such as Brisket, pork and chicken but with our own modern twist; from Pretzel baguettes, and new and exciting sauces, to homemade Kimchi. We are passionate about great flavours and take the time to make all of our sauces, marinades, rubs and glazes. Our passion and love for what we do is clear to see and taste in every bite!

Be sure to check out Spicer’s ‘Wings of Fire challenge’ at the Cwtch this year, too! Not for the faint hearted, but an experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

All our street food traders are of high quality, local, and all have more than a hint of something really special in the mix. Wraps & Baps are no exception! They aim to serve a menu bursting with inspiration from all over the world, all from a beautiful bespoke unit. They’ve worked hard to make sure their dream of combining travel, food, and festivals is a reality, and it’s certainly shows in the quality of their food!

Tell us about the dish you can’t wait to serve this year!

We are so excited to present all of our dishes at the Big Cwtch this year! Our jerk chicken is something we take great pride in, with over 14 ingredients going into the mix. This incorporates a strong selection of spices with fresh limes and chilli. The chicken is marinated in the mix for 24 hours to allow the meat to fully absorb the flavour before we grill it! For those more interested in vegetarian and vegan dishes our hearty falafels infused with a range of super foods and served with fresh harissa and hummus is a dish that also often gets a lot of attention wherever we serve!

We love that you’re so excited about your work, and we’re so glad you can come along to the Big Cwtch this year! What made you want to take part in this year’s festival, and what are you most looking forward to?

The stand-up paddle boarding is something we really hope we get the opportunity to take part in over the weekend! We’re also very excited about the event due to the charitable causes behind it, this is something we don’t think we see enough of across the U.K. We really love what we do at Wraps & Baps, and we’re always keen to hear from customers, so please don’t hesitate to pop over and say hello!

Next up is Sloppy Joes! Based in Carmarthen town centre, our friends at Sloppy Joes love nothing more than visiting beautiful locations to feed hungry tummies, so we can’t wait to welcome them back to the Cwtch! Their Griddled Sandwiches and Loaded Nachos are just what you’ll need after a day filled with festival fun.

So Sloppy Joes, you’re back again this year to satisfy the cravings of hungry festivalgoers. What are you most looking forward to showcasing this year?

Our Cheesy Griddled Sandwiches & Loaded Nachos are the perfect comfort food for festivalgoers. We have something for everyone! From Crispy Chorizo to Baked Beans, Marmite & Melted Cheese. From Smokey Beef & Bean Chilli with Sour Cream to Super Cheesy Mac & Cheese. We can find something to satisfy all hungry tummies!

We are also known for our one-off specials that only ever appear on our menu once. We will be serving up a Super Festival Special Griddled Sandwich this year, served only on the Saturday!

We’re super excited to find out what this exclusive Big Cwtch Super Festival Special will be! What are you most looking forward to this year?

As this will be our third year at The Big Cwtch we will be looking forward to catching up with The Big Cwtch Family! From volunteers to regulars to newbies, the crowd is always super friendly, happy & hungry!

You’d think it couldn’t get better, right? Well don’t even get us started on probably the best Pizza you have ever tasted from Taffel a Tân It’s a massive favourite with Big Catchers and a sellout every year! We’ve even heard a whisper about a beetroot alternative to tomato sauce that we are just dying to try.

So there you have it, folks. A world of flavours to explore, all on our street food alley at the Big Cwtch. We wish that we could tell you about all our traders but unfortunately we just don’t have the time (or the blogspace!). You’ll just have to sample them all for yourself!

For those of you with a sweet tooth, never fear, we haven’t forgotten dessert! You can choose from award-winning Candy Fleece candyfloss from Benporium, grab a few delicious handcrafted chocolate brownies from Abergavenny-based Chock Shop or some luxury Cowpots Ice Cream served up by Vintage Delights. Or for a really exotic treat, try some some classic, mouth-watering Hungarian chimney cakes from Twirly Bakes!

After all that, you’ll need to recaffeinate to get back on top form for the Saturday Night Headliner. So pop over to My Vintage Delights Barista Box where trained baristas will serve up delicious Welsh Teifi Coffee and Pukka organic & welsh brew teas. Just the pick up you need before checking out the lakeside stage for our Big Cwtch Saturday night artists!